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Blasting machine used to clean the surface of mechanical parts, molds and create 
textured surfaces patterned steel, stone, wood, glass, metal, cleaned before 
repairing details, .. Using many different types of grinding grain. 
No dust into the environment
Blasting principle: Pneumatic, as a self-contained recovery chamber. Working pressure: 4-7 bar
Overall dimensions: 900.0mm [horizontal] x 800.0mm [depth] x 1660.0 mm [high]
Spray chamber size: 900.0mm [horizontal] x 800.0mm [depth] x 600.0 mm [high]
Material: frame 3.0mm thick sheet using, electrostatic coating.
Door opens: 2, on either side spray chamber to bring products into the
Lighting: 1 neon
Steel floor: 2.0mm thick punched grid