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Hanger Blast Machine

The principal of working operations of Hoist type machine.


     GROWELL Hanger type machines are specifically designed in order that components : large medium small castings, forging parts, fabricated steel products, transformers, automobile parts, alloy wheels, bicycles, gear parts, axles and tool bits, etc are hung on the hook of a hoist.  The hoist is controlled manually by the operator throughout the overhead conveyor outside the machine by means of ordinary push-button panel, for the component loading and unloading.  Once the hoist has got to its working position, all its motors are driven by the cycle program which avoids any misuses and control the movements of components during blasting operation.  The blasting wheels are fitted on a cabin side, while the movement of the hook rotates.  The surface of the work piece is thus evenly blasted from all angles and even difficult to reach areas are optimally treated.                 

     GROWELL hanger overhead conveyor types can be integrated / separated into three (3) kinds or any system on the market.  The operation system of the machine must be decided upon, either continuous or cycle batch operation.  Which transport system depends on the type of production and the blasting time.


1.       GHM  model is mono rail hanger.

2.       GHR  model is ‘Y’ rail hanger.

3.       GHL   model is loop hanger.


Model  :  GHM Model  :  GHR Model  :  GHL