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    Glass bead is a unique and popular air blasting abrasive for cleaning and conditioning surfaces. It is manufactured from high-grade glass, annealed in its spherical shape to equalize internal stresses and resist fracture. In addition, the inherent strength of glass bead is such that it can survive multiple impacts, allowing for economies of continuous recycling.

    are added to ensure a consistent quality product. Steel Grit is produced through crushing of steel shot and is subsequently heat treated tempered to three different hardness to cater for various applications.

    Al2 O3 have the characteristics of high hardness (second hardest mineral after diamond), sharpness, tenacity, stable chemical property, heat resisting and corrosion resisting. This sharp angular abrasive is fast cutting and does not contain free silica. It gives a matt finish, or produces anchor patterns on most metal surfaces and can be used economically in a closed system blasting machine.